Terms of Service for Teknik Services

Below are the terms of service for the Teknik Services. By using our services, you agree to all of the below. These terms may change at any time.

User Accounts

  • You will not display or host links to Malware in your user profile
  • Inactive Basic Accounts with no data may be deleted after 365 days (1 Year)
    • Activity is defined as logging into the Teknik Website, into the Git website, into the mail service (Either through webmail or via another client), or Modifying/Adding a Git Repository
    • Data is defined as Blog Posts/Comments, Podcast Comments, Emails, and Git Repositories
  • Creating multiple accounts to get around account limits will result in the account(s) being banned without notice
  • If your account has been banned, and you create a new account to get around said ban, the new account will be banned without notice


  • Puchasing a subscription will apply the benifits to a single account for the lifetime of the subscription
  • If benifits are added for a subscription, all existing subscribers will inherit the new benifits
  • Subscription benifits may change at any time
  • Any benifits applied to an account will stay for the lifetime of the subscription

Cancellation Policy

  • You may cancel your subscriptions at any time
  • When you cancel a subscription, the subscription will still be active until the end of the billing period. You can renew a subscription until the billing period ends.
  • The price for a subscription can change at any time. You will not recieve a refund for the change in price
  • If the account is terminated for breaching the Terms of Service, no refund will be available
  • Once a subscription is canceled, all benifits for an account will be removed to match the current Free Account level


  • Email is limited to a maximum of 100 outbound email messages per day. This is to prevent spam accounts. If your account is flagged as spamming, it will be banned without notice

This includes but does not limit to: Uploads, Pastes, Vaults, Blogging, and Shortened URLs

  • This site may contain material your region may consider illegal. If you are viewing content, be mindful of the laws in your region
  • Any content containing or linking to malware/phishing sites will be removed without notice
  • Copyrighted or Personal content will only be removed if it is deemed necessary for a person(s) safety

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